Bohemian macrame wall hanging


I usually create modern, geometric designs, but this time I wanted to get carried away with creation process …  I wanted to create bohemian macrame wall hanging.

As you know in the boho style ‘less is less and more is more’. I did not plan, I did not design. I knew that I wanted a large wall hangings, very decorative, even overloaded with details. And these are my macrame wall hangings – very detailed.


The creation process was extraordinary. I did not have to control myself when it comes to form and details. I let my heart to take control of me. I freed my gypsy spirit. I began to feel free. Beautiful experience.

Paradoxically, these types of macrame wall hanging are not my style. They hang pretty on the wall and I love to look at them, but they do not match my home’s decor. If you interested to give them new home, check my Etsy shop (shop will be reopen end of January).

I will definitely make this type of macrame again – just because process is really enjoyable.

What is beautiful about macrame – there are limited number of knot types but the combinations are infinite!



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October projects


October passed so quickly. I came back from Poland. I reopen my Etsy shop . I had to reorganized our London flat again – my 14 months son is curious fast-moving toddler. He demands lots of attention. I was really busy, yet I found some time for knitting and macrame. Mornings, during my child’s nap and evenings, when Max is already in bed is the only time when I can craft. I wish evenings are longer.

Wall hanging.

My favourite project is macrame+weaving wall hanging. This wall decor isn’t very big but I really like it. I call it “Greece”. Reminds me of Parthenon and suits of  Greek  Presidential Guard (Evzones).



Christmas decorations

In October I was also working on some Christmas decorations. I made few macrame Christmas trees. They are really cute. Easy to knot. Some of them I decorate with beads. They perfect as a little Christmas gift. They will look lovely on Christmas tree or in the window as a Christmas decoration.

Last year my house was decorated with crocheted snowflakes, this year I will add some macrame Christmas trees.

I also made set of crochet Christmas stocking. I bought “The Winter Crochet Book” magazine with many lovely winter patterns. I have to say crocheting that tiny items is not my thing. But I like the result.


Knitted shrug

I started this shrug…I think in the end of August. I was working with lovely wool blend yarn.

version with sleeves

I made large rectangle, seamed sides, knitted sleeves and ending. And I didn’t like it.

I decide to undo sleeves. I wish I made just regular cardigan from that yarn. Or shawl.

I will probably still do some modification to that shrug.


Visit my Etsy shop if you like my wall hangings or Christmas decorations.

For more patterns, ideas and inspirations visit my website www.blueicrafts.com

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How to make macramé candle holder (hurricane macramé)


Macramé jar holder is really easy to make. You just need string, empty jar and scissors. You can use any type of string (synthetic, natural, twine, yarn, etc.). My favorite is cotton yarn. I also use very simple jar, nothing fancy.


You can add candle and fill bottom of the jar with sand, stones or shells, and you have beautiful bohemian candle holder. Or you can use it as a stunning  flowers vase. Macrame jar holder is very decorative and perfect for weddings, holiday house, terrace, garden party,  rustic and bohemian style.

Here is short tutorial how to create this pretty home decor. For full version – visit my website www.blueicrafts.com – There is free PDF photo tutorial with many pictures and information.


  1. You need: cotton yarn, empty jar, scissors
  2. Cut long cord which you will tie around the jar (cord A)
  3. Cut many long cords (cord B)
  4. Larks Head Knot – To attach all cords B to cord A we will use Larks Head Knot. Fold cord B in half and place it under cord A. Pull the ends of cord B through the loop. Pull tight. Repeat with all other cords B.IMG_5170
  5. We will begin our design with sennit of square knots. Tie cord A around the jar and cut ends. Take four cords (1,2,3,4) to make square knot:

IMG_5104b  IMG_5107a

a) Bring the right cord (4) to the left under the two middle cords (2,3) and over the left cord (1). Bring the left cord (1) to the right over the two middle cords (2,3) and under the right cord. Pull right and left cords (1,4) to tie knot securely.

IMG_5112a  IMG_5117

b) Bring the right (4) cord to the left over the two middle cords (2,3) and under the left cord (1). Bring the left cord to the right under two middle cords (2,3) and over the right cord (4). Pull left and right cords (1,2) to secure knot.

Check this video – how to make square knot.

6. Make sennit of 3 square knots on each 4-cord group. (Sennit – chains of knots, tied one after another)

7. Row 4. Triangles – alternating square knots. 

IMG_5125a  IMG_5132Divide your cords into equal sets to make triangles. To make triangle use alternating square knots – select two right cords (3,4) from one sennit and two left cords (1,2) from next sennit and make square knot.

For my project to create triangle I made: Row 4 – 7 alternating square knots, Row 5 – 6 alternating square knots, Row 6 – 5 alternating square knots, Row 7 – 4 alternating square knots, Row 8 – 3 alternating square knots, Row 9 – 2 alternating square knots, Row 10 – 1 alternating square knot.

I made 3 more triangles using same pattern.

8. Diagonal double half hitch

a) left-to-right

IMG_5138a  IMG_5139a

Take the far left cord (holding cord) from first left alternating square knot and place it diagonally over all other cords (working cords). Take far left working cord and make loop counter-clockwise around holding cord (see photo). Pull working cord firmly. Repeat with the same cord to complete the double half hitch. Continue double half hitch with all other working cords.

b) right-to-left

IMG_5149a  IMG_5154

Take the far right cord (holding cord) from last right alternating square knot and place it diagonally (to the left) over all other cords (working cords). Take far right working cord and make loop clockwise around holding cord (see photo). Pull working cord firmly. Repeat with the same cord to complete the double half hitch. Continue double half hitch with all other working cords.

To finish design, take left working cord and right working cord and make double half hitch knot clockwise.

Check this video  – how to make diagonal double half hitch.

9. Cut the ends of all cords. Finito!!!

Just add candle and you have beautiful macrame candle holder!


For more patterns, ideas and inspirations visit my website www.blueicrafts.com

For full free PDF version How to make macrame candle holder click HERE


Macramé – new yoga.

Macramé, hippie art form popular in 1970s, is trendy again.

Modern macramé wall hangings, plant hangers, macrame bags, jewelry or macrame candle holders are stylish and chic. Macramé is back in home décor and in fashion.

Macramé, like crocheting or knitting,  can be meditative and very relaxing, reduces stress and anxiety. The rhythmic motion of tying knots brings many people in relaxed and peaceful state of mind. The process of learning new knots helps them feel good about themselves . Creating macrame brings a lot of satisfaction.

Take a look at my macrame wall hangings and candle holder. I never copy  macrame designs. My handwork is unique and 100% designed by me. You can buy some of my work here.

I’m going to write tutorial how to make macramé candle holder (hurricane macrame) – similar to this one on first photo. Post will be public on my blog and my webside soon. Please stay in touch!

hurricane macrame

macrame wall hanging

macrame fringe

macrame decor

large macrame wall hanging

macrame knots



My tapestry crochet clutch bags

I’m fascinated with tapestry crochet. Tapestry crochet is great for multicolored patterns and there are countless numbers of different designs.

For my first clutch bag I used “zebra” pattern. This pattern was created for beaded bracelets where stitches (beads) are diagonal (slanted).  I achieved this effect by inserting hook in both loops (front and back).


There are many different method of tapestry crochet. My favourite technique is crochet in round with single crochet (US term) inserting the hook in the back loop. This way I can use any checkerboard charts (filet crochet charts, cross stitch patterns, etc.) and design won’t be slanted. Crocheting in the back loop makes two rows of stitches look like they’re sitting right on top of each other.


Moroccan tapestry crochet pattern – download free chart for this bag here.


Geometrical black grey yellow tapestry crochet pattern – download free chart for this bag here.

For more patterns, ideas and inspirations visit my webside www.blueicrafts.com

My first handmade projects

I always love to create but when I was pregnant I start nesting. I had the urge to create lovely space for my new baby boy. I want him to have cute cardigans and shoes, cozy blankets and handmade toys.  Handcrafting during pregnancy brought me joy and peace of mind.

For more patterns, ideas and inspirations visit my webside www.blueicrafts.com