Macramé – new yoga.

Macramé, hippie art form popular in 1970s, is trendy again.

Modern macramé wall hangings, plant hangers, macrame bags, jewelry or macrame candle holders are stylish and chic. Macramé is back in home décor and in fashion.

Macramé, like crocheting or knitting,  can be meditative and very relaxing, reduces stress and anxiety. The rhythmic motion of tying knots brings many people in relaxed and peaceful state of mind. The process of learning new knots helps them feel good about themselves . Creating macrame brings a lot of satisfaction.

Take a look at my macrame wall hangings and candle holder. I never copy  macrame designs. My handwork is unique and 100% designed by me. You can buy some of my work here.

I’m going to write tutorial how to make macramé candle holder (hurricane macrame) – similar to this one on first photo. Post will be public on my blog and my webside soon. Please stay in touch!

hurricane macrame
macrame wall hanging
macrame fringe
macrame decor
large macrame wall hanging
macrame knots


Author: Anna

My name is Anna. I live with my husband and my son Maximilian in London. I started handcrafting in 2015 when I was pregnant with my baby boy. I always love to create but when I was pregnant handcrafting become my favourite thing to do to relax and express myself. I love to learn new techniques, so I practice with tapestry crochet, tunisian crochet, filet crochet. My latest obsession is macramé and tapestry weaving. On my blog you will find various craft projects and patterns. I'd like to share them with you.

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