Bohemian macrame wall hanging


I usually create modern, geometric designs, but this time I wanted to get carried away with creation process …  I wanted to create bohemian macrame wall hanging.

As you know in the boho style ‘less is less and more is more’. I did not plan, I did not design. I knew that I wanted a large wall hangings, very decorative, even overloaded with details. And these are my macrame wall hangings – very detailed.


The creation process was extraordinary. I did not have to control myself when it comes to form and details. I let my heart to take control of me. I freed my gypsy spirit. I began to feel free. Beautiful experience.

Paradoxically, these types of macrame wall hanging are not my style. They hang pretty on the wall and I love to look at them, but they do not match my home’s decor. If you interested to give them new home, check my Etsy shop (shop will be reopen end of January).

I will definitely make this type of macrame again – just because process is really enjoyable.

What is beautiful about macrame – there are limited number of knot types but the combinations are infinite!