My tapestry crochet clutch bags

I’m fascinated with tapestry crochet. Tapestry crochet is great for multicolored patterns and there are countless numbers of different designs.

For my first clutch bag I used “zebra” pattern. This pattern was created for beaded bracelets where stitches (beads) are diagonal (slanted).  I achieved this effect by inserting hook in both loops (front and back).


There are many different method of tapestry crochet. My favourite technique is crochet in round with single crochet (US term) inserting the hook in the back loop. This way I can use any checkerboard charts (filet crochet charts, cross stitch patterns, etc.) and design won’t be slanted. Crocheting in the back loop makes two rows of stitches look like they’re sitting right on top of each other.


Moroccan tapestry crochet pattern – download free chart for this bag here.


Geometrical black grey yellow tapestry crochet pattern – download free chart for this bag here.

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